Our House is a Dog House! 

 We have indoor

Air-Conditioned and/or Heated

 Play areas.

Every dog gets indoor and outdoor play time many times during the day, afternoons and evenings!

​It is like Doggie Camp. We want Happy Campers!

We have bowls, toys, and extra blankets for our guests. 

So if you forget something, please don't worry. 

 We got it covered!

At the time of Drop-off please bring: 

* Your dog's food

* Medication if needed

* Please label your pet's items with your pet's name.

* Please see Boarding Info Page for additional information.

  Overnight Dog Boarding 

$25.00 per night

All Dogs     Any Size     Any Breed 

** Each additional dog from the same family is just $20.00 per night **

AZ Dog Sitter 

We are committed pet lovers who will provide a Friendly and enjoyable environment catering to all of your pet’s needs.

Our Boarding Service provides highly personalized care.  
We strive to make sure every pet in our care is happy, healthy, and safe.

We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us!
Dogs spend their days playing and socializing with us 
and other dogs in our home and large fenced country yard!!
Indoor and outdoor playtime with lots of Toys, Shade, Grass, Trees, 
and Human and Dog interaction!! 

Protect Your Dog From Ticks

     Arizona is heating up and this means it's tick season.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, ticks sense body heat, moisture and vibrations and find their hosts by detecting the breath and body odor of animals.

They lie in wait in populated areas for an animal to walk by.
 Even if your home is clear of pests and you bathe your dog regularly, they can pick up a 
tick virtually anywhere; at the park, during a walk, At the veterinarians office, even at an indoor doggie day care.  

Please consider using a monthly tick treatment such as a spot treatment for your dog. 

Also, check your dog for ticks after all outings

(walks, parks, classes, anywhere there may be a tick carrying dog).

 AZ Dog Sitter Boarding & Grooming recommends Zodiac Tick treatment.

This is what we use regularly on our own dogs. This is a monthly preventative treatment.

We offer Zodiac 
spot on treatment and or tick bath/dip for a fee of $10.00. 

Please contact us for an appointment for your pet.

​  For pointers on how to properly check your dog for ticks click here.

   For more information on ticks commonly found in Arizona, click here.